Contrary to popular belief, travel doesn’t start when you book the ticket or hit the road, and it doesn’t end once you come home. Travel can be your life, and we’re here to feed your wanderlust. Here at The Ships Project, we deliver inspiring destination stories, expert travel tips and timely travel news to satisfy your love for exploring the world before, during and after your trip. 

who are we?

The Ships Project

Our team, composed of enthusiastic travelers just like you, works hard to bring you the most useful, exciting and interesting travel information. We are writers, developers and editors who enjoy seeing the world and sharing the gems we find. 

We have been traveling for many years, building a reputation for writing quality travel content that inspires and informs readers. We aim to be a trusted resource for travel content, so we make sure we create credible content that inspires you to pack your bags, book that ticket and go see the world. 

High Angle View of People Sailing on Sea

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Are you a traveler like us? Do you want to share your insights on traveling? The Ships Project is open to fresh ideas from our readers. Send us your suggested topics and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

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expert writers

Meet our Authors

Lisa carlson

 Lisa is a proud owner of a cupcake shop that specializes in “not-so-basic” cupcakes. This is because her creations are inspired by the tropical countries she visited (Bora Bora will always have a special place in her heart).

Marcus Simpson

Marcus is a content writer living the van life. Before the van life was popular on TikTok, Marcus had already transformed his Nissan NV Cargo and outfitted it with a comfy bed, a TV and all the necessities of a van life.

Penelope Watts

Penelope is a high school teacher by day, mother of three by night. She and her husband Timothy are very family-oriented, which is why they enjoy planning family trips. So far, Penelope’s favorite travel destinations are Osaka, Boracay and Malta.

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