10 Great Locations for the Summer Getaway of a Lifetime

Family or romantic vacations can be almost as fun to plan as they are to enjoy. When you’re thinking of where you want to go for the summer getaway of a lifetime, you have many amazing options if you’re willing to travel outside of your home country and explore the greater world. Traveling over the summer can be a great way to spend extra vacation days or a summer vacation if you work as an educator in a school system that gives you summers off.

As you’re contemplating what it would look like for you to embark on the summer getaway of a lifetime, consider what types of places you like to go. If you prefer tropical settings, you might be happiest in places that have that kind of climate. If the heat of the summer bothers you, it may be helpful to go somewhere that has a cooler climate so you don’t end up overheating or sweating your way through what is supposed to be a fun vacation after you follow our suggestions below.

How to Decide Where to Go on a Summer Getaway

Making the choice of where to go for a summer getaway can almost be more challenging than packing up your clothes for the vacation, arranging a flight, booking a hotel, and doing all the other legwork that going on vacation requires. After all, once you’ve picked a place to go, you’ll have to get your family and fellow vacation-goers on board with your idea. You’ll also need to start finalizing plans, which can be more stressful than daydreaming about sipping pina coladas on some non-descript beach in another country.

When you want to know how to select your location for a summer getaway, it’s best to keep it simple. Ask yourself where you want to go and where you can afford it. If the answers to those questions intersect, you’ve found your answer. If they produce two entirely different locations, you may either need to save up more money to go to your dream location or you might have to settle for a location that has some of the features of your preferred place without the price tag.

Why Wait Till Summer

Although you don’t have to wait until the summer months hit to go to your dream destination, many people in North America especially wait until summer to go on vacation. The reason for this has to do with the calendar of the school system and when most companies aren’t as busy so they can afford to let their most valued employees go on vacation for a few weeks. Some people may also naturally associate summer with fun and travel, so it makes sense to reserve that season for making new memories with people you love in exciting new getaway places.

1. Santorini, Greece

When you’re concocting a plan for the summer getaway of a lifetime, you should consider traveling to this region of Greece. Known for being one of the most famous islands across the globe, this island has everything you need for the perfect boating travel trip. If you bring your boat with you to the island, make sure to plan to store it in a boat storage facility when you’re checking out local shops or going to other tourist attractions.

If you decide to visit this side of Greece, it will be easy to see other places along the Mediterranean. You can enjoy local Mediterranean food like spanikopita, goat cheese, stuffed grape leaves dolmas, and more as you watch the sunset over this gorgeous island. Once you come here, you might not want to leave so you should visit at your own risk!

When you’re in Greece, it can be easy to travel to other nearby countries like Bulgaria for even more travel experiences. If you love traveling through all of Europe, you might be able to get a discount if you plan to go on a cruise or another group trip that goes through key places on this continent. While it might mean missing specific cities that you want to see, it can be more cost-effective and allow you to see more of the world with people who are literally on the same journey as you.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

When you think of the summer getaway of a lifetime, the cold-sounding country of Iceland might not be the first on your list unless you truly despise the heat. Still, Reykjavik has plenty to offer tourists even if it’s not a destination that might be the first to come to mind. As the capital city of Iceland, you’ll get to see the nation’s best newly built homes and gorgeous architecture that reflects Icelandic sensibilities.

If you love art, you’ll appreciate the city’s Sun Voyager sculpture. This public art piece attracts many tourists every year. You can also reserve some time to go to the Perlan Natural History Museum in the city for an educational experience you won’t soon forget.

Traveling to Iceland might not be as popular as going to places like France or Spain, but it can be worthwhile if you can appreciate it for its differences from the other places you could travel. Icelandic culture is unique from other European countries so it can create some culture shock if you’re used to traveling to major cities in Europe such as London and Paris. Of course, everywhere you go has its own quirks and little spots of intrigue so you shouldn’t let the differences stop you.

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

For those who love pizza, pasta, and Italian culture, Amalfi Coast may be the summer getaway of a lifetime. While all of Italy has its fair share of romantic restaurants, you can’t beat the beautiful coastal views that this city offers. If you’re okay with planning your summer trip a little early or a little late, you can expect to have the best time in this city with the weather in May or September.

Of course, if you have to visit the city later or earlier than that, you won’t regret it. There are plenty of things to do in this region all year round. If you have a summer wedding, this part of Italy is ideal for spending your honeymoon falling even more in love with your newly wedded spouse.

If you decide to go to Italy for your summer getaway, it can pay to go to places that aren’t as packed as Rome. While Rome is a popular place, there’s so much more to Italy than this once-strong empire. If you’re Catholic, you can easily visit the Vatican from Italy for a special trip that could help your spiritual life grow stronger as a result of this excursion.

4. Barcelona, Spain

For those who are captivated by Castilian culture, Barcelona is hard to beat as the summer getaway of a lifetime. From a lively arts and culture scene to a delicious array of restaurants, you’ll have everything you need in this city to have an amazing time. If you’re not sure if somewhere in the city is open to tourists, you can look to see if they have a business sign and go from there.

If you admire the work of Picasso from afar, you can give yourself the gift that keeps on giving by going to the Museu Picasso. There, you can get a souvenir that you can take back home and soak in all of the amazing art pieces. You can also pay homage to the holy family if you’re Catholic by going to La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Depending on the type of Spanish you speak, you may find the Spanish in Barcelona difficult to understand. Since it’s a major city, many people there will speak different languages. Some residents or other tourists may speak English, which can be comforting to those who speak English natively.

5. Costa Rica

If you don’t mind humidity and summer heat, this island might be calling your name as the summer getaway of a lifetime. With tropical vibes and rich culture, you’ll appreciate being able to mingle with the locals while enjoying attractions for tourists on your trip. Before you go to this island, you should know the names of some air conditioning repair services that will be near where you’re staying so you can stay cool during your trip.

6. Dublin, Ireland

To get a taste of the luck of the Irish, plan the summer getaway of a lifetime in the Big Smoke. This city has everything you could want to have a great time. From amazing pubs to Irish dance venues to public parks, you’ll feel at home here in no time.

Although the stereotype isn’t always true, Ireland can be a great place to have a pint too many. Still, as in any country, if you find yourself facing legal charges related to driving under the influence, you should contact a DUI lawyer who is qualified to practice law in that country right away. While an ideal scenario would be that you don’t drink and drive in this city, life isn’t always ideal so it’s best to be prepared in case this were to happen with a lawyer lined up before you get those types of charges.

7. Zurich, Switzerland

While you might think of Swiss cheese or Swiss chocolate when you think of Switzerland, this country is home to a fantastic city to host the summer getaway of a lifetime. It’s a global center for the financial sector, so it can be opulent and luxurious depending on where you go there. If you manage to get an Airbnb with a glass patio enclosure, you can enjoy looking at the Swiss mountains in the evening if you have a good view of them.

If you choose this as the location for your summer getaway, you can enjoy an educational trip to the Swiss National Museum. Kunsthaus Zurich is ideal for folks who love to look at the local art scene when they travel to new places. Finally, you can check out the historical landmark known as the Lindenholf if you don’t get enough historical information from the national museum when you visit there.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Outside of being known for their masonry, Croatian people can be welcoming to tourists and offer many opportunities for you to experience their culture in this city. When you’re dreaming up the summer getaway of a lifetime, Dubrovnik should be on your list for its architecture which ranges from the Baroque era to the Renaissance. With landscapes straight out of a storybook, this is one of those places that might be hard to follow through with a return flight.

9. Machu Picchu, Peru

Rife with history and intrigue, Peru is a great country to visit for the summer getaway of a lifetime. When you’re looking to visit this city, you should look into working as a historic restoration contractor so you can stay longer on a contracting visa. If you decide to work during your vacation, you should brush up on the local and federal laws so you don’t violate them.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Known for amazing cabinets and more, Cape Town is the perfect introduction to South Africa with its lively cultural scene. As the capital city of South Africa, it offers the best that this country has for visitors and residents alike. When you’re in Cape Town, you’ll have over 2,000 hotels to choose from as your nightly accommodations, so you can pick what you like.

As you’re deciding where to go for the summer getaway of a lifetime, location is everything. The further you go from your home country, the more money you can expect to pay for a round-trip flight. Still, if you live near South Africa or you visit there often, it can be an affordable option or at least one that feels reasonable to pay.

When you’re planning the summer getaway of a lifetime, you need to think about where it is you would like to spend your precious time. Frequently, people decide to go to places for a vacation because their family wants to go there or because their friends are going there. Still, since it’s your vacation, it’s up to you.

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