A Coffee Tour Dominican Republic Understanding the Growing Process

The process of harvesting coffee beans and making coffee is something that the average person has little knowledge of. Taking a coffee tour Domincian Republic can help you understand the amount of effort the citizen has made over decades of traditions. These steps have helped people cultivate good plants and produce some of the freshest coffee in the world.

Coffee beans in the Dominican Republic are often grown on the side of mountains. They are hand-harvested to ensure that only the freshest ones are used to make coffee.

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After the harvesting has been completed, it’s time to process the plants. Before technology in the area advanced, beans would be hand-cranked through machines to be ground down.

The grinding process allows the farmers to get the most out of the beans and weed out anything that shouldn’t be in the machine. Tours allow people to participate in this process and sample the fresh and unforgettable flavor of the coffee. Be sure to take your loved ones with you so no one misses out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For additional information on the harvesting and grinding process and what you could expect to see on a coffee tour Dominican Republic, please review the attached video.


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