Healthy Habits To Help You Make the Most of Your Food Crawl

  • Research and select responsible eateries before your trip to help you find healthy options.
  • Ask locals for their favorite places to eat to get nutritious samples of local cuisine.
  • Balance rich dishes with vegetables, lean proteins, and foods made with olive oil or nuts.
  • Invest in routine dental care such as checkups, bridges, and cleanings for a healthy mouth.

Traveling and sampling international cuisine is one of the great pleasures of being outdoors and exploring the world. But with so many tempting options, it can be easy to forget about healthy choices that get left behind. However, this doesn’t have to be the case—you can eat healthily and still enjoy a food crawl on your next trip if you follow a few simple tips.

Know Where You’re Eating

The first step in setting up a healthy travel eating plan is to select responsible eateries ahead of time. Doing your research will help you know where to go for good-for-you meals while you’re out and about. This will also allow you to check out menus and spot healthy choices you would like to try.

Go Online

Look for up-and-coming restaurants known for their healthful dishes or roadside stands serving local specialties that are exceptionally nutritious. The internet can be a great tool to find out what’s in season and where to find it. You can also find out what ingredients are used in dishes to avoid them if you’re allergic to something or have dietary restrictions.

Ask the Locals

Asking locals for their favorite places to eat can help you find health-conscious restaurants and samples of local cuisine. They may also know about some hidden gems off the beaten path. Although they may not always provide the healthiest options, you can sometimes find out which sauces and condiments are used so you can make adjustments to meet your dietary needs.

Be Choosy When Ordering

Once you arrive at your chosen eatery, it’s time to look at the dishes more closely. This will make it easier for you to make healthier choices. When ordering, be mindful of the best practices, such as the following:

Balance Your Meals

Balancing richness with vegetables, picking lean proteins such as grilled fish and chicken, or searching out dishes made with olive oil or nuts are all excellent choices when selecting menu items. This balances out the richness and allows for a more healthful meal.

two women eating small burgers while traveling

Don’t Go Overboard

It can be easy to overindulge when traveling, but this isn’t the best way to enjoy new foods. Instead, try small portions of various dishes to get the whole flavor experience without going overboard. Additionally, you can choose to share larger dishes with other people at your party.

Make Smart Swaps

When you’re eating out, you may have the option to make more thoughtful swaps. For example, you can choose whole-wheat bread over white and skip the added sugar in your morning coffee. These small changes can help you stick to a healthy diet.

Dental Care

One area of physical health often forgotten is oral hygiene habits, which are just as important during your travels as they are back home. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your teeth when dining out:

Ensure Basic Oral Hygiene

Ensuring that brushes, flosses, and other dental care supplies get packed is an essential part of any journey abroad—neglecting regular brushing won’t do anyone any favors when sightseeing. These days, most hotels offer complimentary dental items to help you maintain proper dental care while away from home.

Attend Routine Appointments

Additionally, if possible, consider scheduling routine appointments (such as checkups) before departure so that any problems can be addressed before leaving home and access to areas visited may be limited or nonexistent.

a woman in a dentist chair getting checked

Get Dental Bridges

If teeth are missing due to trauma or decay, dental bridges may be recommended by the dentist. They provide extra support for existing teeth while preventing further deterioration from occurring in-between spaces created by lost teeth.

Getting quality dental bridges before embarking on a journey will help ensure all existing teeth are supported and protected. Thus, helping you protect your teeth from damage and decay while still enjoying the culinary delights of new, exciting destinations.

Invest in Dental Cleanings

Lastly, be sure to invest in routine dental cleanings while away. These can help remove plaque buildup and leave your teeth fresh and clean. Plus, having a professional clean your teeth will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is in top condition.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can still enjoy the culinary wonders of traveling responsibly and healthily. This way, you can maximize your experiences while getting the nutrients and good habits to keep you healthy.

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