The Waterproof Fanny Pack: Why It Travelers Need It

The fanny pack remains a debatable hot topic when it comes to the world of fashion. It goes in and out of style every now and then, and people are always arguing whether they should resurrect it. But fashion debate aside, one fact remains about the fanny pack: it’s mighty handy for travels.

The fanny pack, especially the waterproof fanny pack, is a staple for the traveler who needs easy access to travel essentials like your passport, ticket and wallet. After all, no one has the time to rummage around their backpack to get these essentials. Instead of creating a line, holding up everyone or stopping in the middle of a foreign road just to get something from your bag, it’s best to get a waterproof fanny pack. 

Why should I get a waterproof fanny pack?” you might ask. Any fanny pack will do for your travels, but if you’re seeing places with unpredictable weather (e.g. rains), it’s best to be safe with your belongings.

Is the Fanny Pack Still Trendy In 2021 (And Beyond)?

“But I need my bag to match my travel #OOTD. Can a lumpy fanny pack do my outfit justice?” many people might ask before they consider buying women’s or men’s fanny pack for their next trip.

Here’s an idea: when it comes to traveling, fashion may be part of the experience, but it’s not the whole point. Function and comfort are.

The aesthetics of fanny packs are still debatable since many people aren’t fans of the “droopy beer gut” look you get when wearing a fanny pack. But if you’re too hung up on the look, you’re kind of missing the point of the waterproof fanny pack: these hip-huggers make travel more convenient for you. You’re not wearing one to look good; you wear one to make life easier.

But if you want to strike a balance between fashion and function, a little creativity goes a long way. For starters, there are many styles of fanny packs in the market. From fancy belt bags for women to the designer fanny pack purse and the traditional leather fanny pack, you can always shop for a bag that matches the aesthetic of your overall look.

Plus, you don’t always have to wear the fanny pack in front of you. There are fanny packs that can be worn on the side of your hips.

If you’re considering adding a waterproof fanny pack to your travel essentials, rest in this truth: fanny packs make a BOLD STATEMENT. It’s a declaration that you’re not afraid to travel against fashion standards by donning these pouches and seeing the world without rummaging around in your big bag. Plus celebrities are wearing it anyway!

Can I Use Fanny Packs for Travel?

Yes. As mentioned above, they’ll make traveling easier. Consider the following:

  1. A fanny pack for men or women leaves your hands free to concentrate on more important things. Without handles, you can place it around your waist or over your shoulder.
  2. Fanny packs are durable and lightweight, which keeps your balance better than a tote or shoulder bag. This makes your waterproof fanny pack the perfect companion for sports, outdoor activities and other hectic adventures where you don’t want a big bag to hold you back.
  3. Fanny packs make air travel easier, too. The average fanny pack’s size is perfect for holding a passport, boarding pass and a pen for filling out customs forms. The best part is you’ll have more room for other things. Also, passing through airport security is easier since your pockets are empty, and your fanny pack has all your items.
  4. These bags are also spacious without being bulky. Since it has different compartments, you can easily keep your phone, wallet, keys and other small essentials without weighing yourself down.

What are Your Considerations When Shopping for Travel Fanny Packs?

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Before you buy a waterproof fanny pack for your next trip, it’s best to take a few factors into account. After all, not all fanny packs are perfect for traveling. 

Make your next trip an easier one by considering the following when shopping for a bag:

  1. Size

    Your fanny pack will join you in many adventures. For this reason, you need a bag that is lightweight yet durable and strong. On top of that, you’ll want a bag that you can wash or wipe as often as needed. Go for a cotton, nylon or leather fanny pack. Just make sure you choose a fabric that’s strong enough to hold your stuff without tearing.

  2. Belt length

    Fanny packs aren’t the same. Some bags will have longer belt straps than others. Depending on the size of your waist, you must figure out which belt length will suit you. Also, if you want to wear your waterproof fanny pack over your shoulder or across your body, the straps must be adjustable.

  3. Pockets, water bottle holder and other organization needs.

    A basic fanny pack has the room to hold your essentials. But if you want more space, go for a bigger size. Larger fanny packs provide a variety of zippered compartments or slots. Some may even have a mesh holder for your water bottle. These bags are perfect for days at the beach, hiking trips or longer adventures.

  4. Slash-proof and anti-theft

    Just because your fanny pack is smaller than an average bag, it doesn’t mean robbers won’t take interest in it. Look for a waterproof fanny pack that has RFID lining. This feature protects your data on your credit cards. On the other hand, fanny packs made from slash-proof material prevent pickpockets with knives from stealing your belongings.

What are the Best Fanny Packs For Travel?

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Photo by Johnny Edgardo Guzman from Pexels

There are many hip bags designed for women and men in the market. How do you choose the right one? It depends on what you need.

If you’re looking for a functional fanny pack: Pacsafe

Pacsafe’s Anti-Theft Crossbody Hip Purse is a practical bag that keeps your belongings safe while keeping up with your aesthetic. Its sleek and non-bulky design ensures you don’t stick out. In terms of functionality, its strap can be worn around your waist like a fanny pack or clipped on like a typical purse (perfect for your OOTD days).

If you’re looking for a sporty fanny pack: Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co.’s fanny packs are small enough to travel but spacious enough to fit all of your items. It also comes with nice accents. A big bonus: you can easily wipe off scuffs!

If you’re looking for a more secure fanny pack: Travelon

Travelon’s Anti-Theft Convertible Waistpack is a secure fanny pack that has great security features. Apart from the RFID blocking card, it has many passport slots and locking hardware.

Travels are more memorable when they’re easier and more convenient. Make your next trip easier by getting a good waterproof fanny pack today.

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