How to Keep Your Skin Looking Good While Traveling

When it’s time for vacation, most of us pack our bags and rush—knowing what a blessed life we all have is a given fact. Work deadlines and commitments make travel a distant dream for many of us. So once you get that leave sanctioned, you would just pack your bags and head for the airport.

Since your trip is your escape from drudgery, you might be tempted to skip that strict diet you follow back home and keep exercise to a bare minimum—unless you are an adventure traveler. Most people going on jungle safaris or desert games take a four-wheel drive to reach the venue. Therefore, without even realizing it, you fall flat on all parameters. When it is time to return, you may discover those pimples and rashes all over your face. The climatic conditions may be different from the one back home.

However, there is still hope for all you travelers out there. A bit of discipline will go a long way in keeping your skin in excellent health, even at sub-zero temperatures. Read about the methods here.

Maintain Schedules

Try to maintain the schedule which you follow at home. Firstly, you may be traveling to a different time zone, so the temperature differences will surely leave a mark on your skin. However, if you are a bit careful about the routine, you can keep the worst effects at bay. Properly washing your face is required under any condition, but you also need to keep it toned and clean. If you manage to hold on to your regime, your skin will suffer less shock.

The best way to stick to your routine is to invest in small bottles, in which you can pour your skincare lotions, serums, or creams. Additionally, you ought to get a separate toiletry bag or kit so that the small bottles or jars do not get lost amidst your luggage or do not break. This is the first tip that should see you skin-happy throughout your Arctic or Saharan holiday.

Carry Essentials

It is a fact that you may not be able to carry all your skincare products with you on holiday. Sometimes, there may be a lack of space, or you may simply forget to organize and pack them all. However, remember the essentials. They include facial wipes, a night cream, and sunscreen. This trio can save your skin on the move, even if you forget to carry your cleanser, face wash, or toner. Hydration is most important, and you need it under all climes.

packing skin care routine for travel

If you are going away for a long holiday, and have forgotten the essentials, don’t worry because help is at hand. You can also buy face moisturizers online and get them delivered to your villa or hotel. Moisturizers are pretty important in skincare, and there are different kinds for each skin type. Dry skin goes well with rich moisturizers, while those with oily skin need gel-based formulations. If you have a moisturizer in your kit, you can brave any weather. Sunscreen is also another friend whom you cannot do without. An SPF of 50 or above should be great for extreme climates. No matter how hot or cold a place is, UVA and UVB rays will always be there.

Stay Away From Hotel Toiletries

Even without your set, stay away from hotel toiletries. They are sometimes the main culprits in destroying your skin. You never know what is there inside the bottle. Someone might have poured a cleanser meant for the hair into a bottle marked skin cleanser—you know what it means. Moreover, they are not of good quality, and they may contain surfactants. Travelers who use such products to save theirs visit the dermatologist once they are back home.

Carry a Humidifier

You rarely know what the weather conditions will be like when you reach a place. Moreover, some accommodations tend to be hotter or more relaxed than you would be comfortable in. Most travelers complain that their skin loses moisture while traveling. It may be due to the dry plane air sitting on the window side. Apart from the aircraft, airport cooling may also be a culprit. Once you reach your accommodation, you will notice the fine lines and dryness, especially around the lips and nose.

Some people even have skin peeling off. You should carry a personal humidifier for this purpose. Today, various companies have nice and small ones for such trips. You can also mix your favorite essential oil and get the whiff. It will act as a de-stressor for your skin.

Stick to a Diet and Be Active

Junk food can also affect your skin on holiday, so you should keep it to a minimum. Though gorging on local cuisines is a must, check the oil content. It can lead to infections or a surge in sebum and cause acne. Furthermore, you should be as active as possible. After a day trip, don’t forget that evening stroll in the mall.

Now, you can travel to any country and keep your skin healthy at the same time. The aforementioned tips are pretty easy to follow with a bit of planning and your utmost effort.

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